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Trees & the City

Já reparou como as árvores amenizam a dureza do concreto? Olha só o efeito deste Ipê (Tabebuia impetiginosa):

The hard concrete surface is definitely softened by the trees, don’t you think?

And, interestingly, north and south share the Lagerstroemia indica, crape myrtle and resedá, respectively:

It’s going to be Father’s Day in Brasil (with an ‘S’, of course!). Walter Rossi's father wrote this beautiful poem about trees:

Thank you for sharing, Walter! Here’s a humble attempt to translate it:

Humans, protect me!

Together with the fresh air from dawn to dusk,

I offer you: aroma, flowers, fruits and shade!

If this is not enough,

I bend down and give you:

Shield for your gold,

Pine for your notes,

A roof for your shelter

Wood for your warmth

A table for your bread

A bed for your rest

Support for your steps

Balm for your pain

An altar for your prayers

And I shall be with you until you die…

Here is my plea: don’t hurt me!

E por falar em árvores, vamos propor uma missão para você: clique aqui para saber mais.

Check this week's photo challenge!

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