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Viva São João!

Festas juninas - June's parties - are a typical part of Brazilian culture. It has to do with some ancient pagan traditions linked to the celebration of the solstice (check our previous blog about it). Like the "ever green tree" has become the Christmas tree in the winter solstice, so did the bonfire become a saint's celebration in the summer solstice.

Today is Saint John Baptist's day or São João in Portuguese. We're sure to have parties all around in Portugal & Brasil.

Schools usually celebrate with line dancing in costume: it's a great tradition!

And here's the sky at the crack of dawn in the south:

If you are wondering what the sky looked like up north, well, Maria is not a morning person...but check out the midmorning view:

So, let's celebrate São João!

Here's how the song goes:

Olha pro céu meu amor

Look up to the sky, my love...

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