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Vamos florear até acabar: let flowers bloom till it's over

Vamos olhar as flores, mesmo que seja nesta "janela"?

Shall we look at the flowers, even if we have to do it through this "window"?

Photo/Foto: Tânia Iorillo

Nossos colaboradores vão mostrar o caminho das flores.

Our collaborators will show us the way with the flowers.

Photo/Foto: Tânia Iorillo


Gramado, in the south of Brazil

Photo/Foto: Myrian Bossi

São José dos Campos Sao Jose dos Campos, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo/Foto: Edmilson Roberto Castellani

Santo André Santo Andre, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo/Foto: Joana Nemoto


Embu-Guaçu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo/Foto: Marli Evangelista

Sampa Sao Paulo, Brazil

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