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  • Angela, Maria e Colaboradores

Colaboradores, once again!

" Why, then, the world's mine oyster", as Shakespeare would say.

"Então, o mundo será como uma ostra para mim", segundo Shakespeare.

Pebble beach - California

By Cristiano Barcellos

Vamos abri-la com o auxílio dos nossos colaboradores!

Let's open it up, with a little help from our collaborators!

Cute cat to help us open the oyster.

Gatinho fofo nos ajudando a abrir a ostra.

By Marly Evangetista

Sao Paulo at night...

Sampa à noite...

By Luciano Propheta

And during the day!

E à luz do dia!

By Walter Rossi

Conceição de Monte Alegre -SP

North area in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

By Marly Evangelista

Comodoro, Mato Grosso - MT

Comodoro, State of Mato Grosso, Western Brazil

By Giovane Bastos

Piquete - SP

Piquete in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

By Luciano Propheta

And, last but not least,

E por último, mas não menos importante:



By Myrian Bossi

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