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Holidays + Feriadão = Photo Blast Part 1

July is a holiday month for both Brazil and the US: it's summer school holiday up north and winter school holiday down south. This month is obviously important in American history: the 4th of July, Independence Day, is celebrated with lots of fireworks, grilled burgers, and red-white-and-blue colors. Remember our Jabutica-berry post? It turns out the bluberries and raspberries are patriotic too:

Sweet, isn't it? Now, for Paulistas the 9th of July is also a holiday, and long weekends are always welcome by hard-working & productive people. SO, how do Paulistas celebrate their day? Going to the beach, of course!

And an empty one, for that! A-ma-zing! Check this out:

Ripples, blue skies and clean beaches...

And a couple of islands out on the horizon...

Where is this place? It's the Riviera, of course! Not the French one, though... it's actually on the south shore of São Paulo and here is a link for more information on this paradise: Riviera de São Lourenço.

(Site is in Brazilian Portuguese).

And as the day goes by, the sun is about to set in the north at 8:30 pm (or 20h30 for Brasil):

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